Drowning in the Shadows

Creep Show

Session 1

Tuesday, 2am — Flip, the owner/operator of a 24 hour Soy-Krill burger stand simply called “Flip’s Burgers”, assembles a rag-tag team of ~skilled operators. She gets the team a meet-up with a Mr. Johnson at a place called the Creep Show, a strip joint specializing in goblinized talent. The team receives instructions to create an incident with enough credibility as to be the reason for Renraku to fire one of its subcontractors “for cause” so as to avoid Corporate Court issues. Renraku is constructing an arcology in Lake Pontchartrain and suspects this construction sub of having too many ties to a competing megacorp, Saeder-Krupp. The meet goes well enough that they walk away with additional info and a promised pay-date.

While discussing the job at a cafe down the street from the Creep Show, the team hears an explosion and rushes to investigate. They see several patrons and entertainers exit the Creep Show and smoke billowing from the door. The bar and troll bouncers seem to agree that everyone made it out, but some quick investigation by Celfie reveals that protection for Mr Johnson, 3 orcs, were all shredded by the blast. Mr. Johnson is not to be found.

The team tries to continue with the job while working to ensure the Johnson has survived. Jaymee heads back to Flip’s to get an update on Johnson, the team pressed on; part going to investigate the arcology, and part going to investigate “Krenshaw Construction”, the accused sub contractor.

Jane and Celfie take an early morning ride along Renraku Drive, the only offshoot of the causeway, and survey the partially constructed “footings” of an expansive arcology. They take note of security procedures and general abundance of workers and equipment at the site; also additional avenues of entry.

Mac and Ulric head to the North Shore to investigate Krenshaw Construction and get a better look at the target. Mac decides to visit Krenshaw’s HR director, Johnny Wilks, and fumbles his way through a surprisingly successful negotiation of lower wages and longer hours for Big Bertie’s unionized workforce. Ulrich studies Krenshaws meager security setup.

Meanwhile, Jaymee through Flip discovers that the Johnson moved the meet time up, and that they just missed being instantaneously ventilated by the explosion themselves.

After all the initial investigations are complete, the team determines their plan of attack; discredit Krenshaw by fouling up their trucks and work schedule, and additionally throwing Saeder-Krupp under the bus by causing a security breach at the arcology site and leaving incriminating evidence against Saeder-Krupp.

In order to plant the evidence, Jaymee’s skills are employed at a local bar to seduce a Krenshaw employee, Billy Brass. Jaymee uses her metahuman wiles to become fast friends with Billy, and maybe something more, and convinces him to let Jaymee take them both back to Krenshaw to sober up; or whatever. By the time they reach Krenshaw, Billy has become a stumbling, blind drink as Jaymee’s willpower manipulation multiplies his intoxication.

Once infiltrated, Jaymee is able to be talked through a fairly straightforward shutdown of the Krenshaw security system by Ulric. Mac and Ulric then sneak into the construction yard and reprogram the vehicles to cause brake failure and other disastrous problems when the trucks get within a given proximity of the arcology. They also plant some forged Saeder-Krupp documents that show the megacorp as having purposefully influenced Krenshaw to take deleterious actions w/ respect to its construction responsibilities re/ the Renraku arcology.

At the same time, Celfie and Jane steal a boat at the edge of Styroville, the name given to the raft city that has grown up on the Pontchartrain, and intend to infiltrate the arcology. They successfully stun a dock guard and plant a surveillance device; Saeder-Krupp-like; in order to arouse additional suspicions. As they return to their stolen pirogue, they are attacked by a security cockatrice that was unlucky enough to have found them. After slaughtering it handily, they race back to the boat before others chickens can converge and make it to the south shore relatively unharmed.

Thursday, 2am — The team regroups and decides to await the pay-date at Flips. When Flip finally returns however, the team is dismayed to hear that the troll bouncers at the Creep Show identified them and now the whole team is wanted for questioning in connection with the bombing. The team changes location to appease Flip Mac is able to get in touch with Ken, a Knight Errant clerk, who promises some info on the lead investigator.



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