Phillipa "Flip" LaBeau

Owner/Operator of Flip's Burgers.


Flip, Phillipa LaBeau is a Human Female that is fed up with dumping Krill and Soy extracts in the hopper’s of the auto-burger making machine she inherited from her dead Orc husband, Reginald LaBeau. Her little stand has quite a name in the city for its unique burgers and she has groomed a list of clients that both need services provided and have services to provide. A small matchmaking fee is all she asks.

Flip’s recurring Dream:
“It could have been any summer afternoon, riding on the back of a small electro-scooter; weaving in and out of traffic on Chef Hwy. Clydes thrash metal playing in their earbuds as they head to the shipping dock. Phillipa and Clyde stand on the dock smelling the salty sweetness, welcoming their new life hand-in-hand. A loud crack! A blaring horn! A violent shove! Phillipa floats away… Seeing herself, looking back towards the crushed body of Clyde. One of his hands protruding from under the burst remains of a 2 ton box of krill; still grasping the delivery slip for an Ares series 7 Flip-o-Matic burger machine.”

Phillipa "Flip" LaBeau

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