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New Orleans in the Sixth World

— The city proper is surrounded by water, plagued by water, and owes its life to the stuff. With the encroachment of the Gulf, and the loss of direct ports on the Pacific, the Port of Orleans has boomed since the formation of the CAS. The port in a major hub for import and export of all things enjoyed by metahumanity.

— The Mississippi is begrudgingly allowed to seek its fortunes through the Atchafalaya. The land south of the river, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge has once again become an untamed swampland.

— The city itself has grown like a tangle of weeds along the coast, reaching from its western end in Kenner to Gulfport.

— In Old New Orleans, the levee system has been greatly altered. Major roadways became elevated as levees were built to cordon off the city in case of flood. Some the city sections have been allowed to remain flooded after hurricanes and torrential storms. These sections were quickly re-inhabited as makeshift boat cities covered their generally placid surfaces.

— Taking a queue from areas like Broadmoor and Navarre, the growing population took to the the water to find space. Making enormous floating mats from all the styro used by the shipping industry, an entire raft city grew up along the southern shore of the Pontchartrain, reaching along and underneath the Causeway.

— Branching out from the Causeway is a one mile spur that ends at an enormous construction site; a state of the art cyber-bio-research center. The Renraku facility is intended to become an arcology for several CAS based research and development projects.

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